While League is under construction these rules are subject to change

FormulaSony Season1 Settings
Console: Sony PS4
Game: Codemasters F1 2018 (Release Date: August 24, 2018)
League Name: FormulaSony
Season: 1
League Race Days: Monday 9pm est
League Start Date: Sep 17th 2018(tentative date)
Championships: Drivers & Constructors

Game Settings:
Simulation Vehicle Damage
Length: 50%
Short Qulification
Any Assists
Strict Corner Cutting
Any Skill Level
Cars Equal

League Point Distribution
1st Place – 25 Points
2nd -18
3rd – 15
4th -12
5th – 10
6th – 8
7th – 6
8th – 4
9th – 2
10th – 1

If drivers are tied on points, positions are decided on results countback. Wins are compared, and the driver with most wins is classified ahead. If wins are equal, second places are looked at, and so on.

The points from both a team’s drivers are added together to give the constructors’ championship total.

Code Of Conduct

This is just a game!

However don’t think that will take away from the seriousness of this league

  1. Racers, commentators, spectators, and guests must and will treat each other with respect at all times.
  2. Do not send anyone in the league any type of threatening or angry message. If you have an issue with another please please let the league commissioner know and the issue will be dealt with.
  3. If you have an issue with a certain racer please let the commissioner know your reasoning and the issue will be resolved as peaceful as possible.
  4. Don’t get mad – Tell the stewards –
  5. Racing incidents will be reviewed by the stewards and race penalties will be issued once reviewed – either to the race results or to future races
  6. It doesn’t matter if you attend the races or not it’s your championship – However remember this is a team sport as well don’t screw over your teammate!
  7. If a racer misses 25% of the first 50% of the season that racer may be subject to dismissal from the team – meaning that the racer cold be a stand in for any team if they need a player – that player no longer holds a permanent seat